Things I Do

Community building

  • I am a core member of GoBridge , a non-profit organization that focuses on programming education using Go: we work to ensure that groups of underrepresented people and people with limited access to technology have as much an opportunity to teach and learn Go as anyone else.
  • I host the North County San Diego Gophers meetup.
  • I lead the San Diego Women Who Go chapter (and am looking for more women to join in the efforts.)
  • I host informal networking events for the San Diego Women Who Go.

Other things

  • I play percurssion (caixa) with the San Diego Super Sonic Samba School.
  • I have ran 2 half marathons. I can be found running along the beaches or lagoons in San Diego often.


July 2015 - Fell in love with Go at Gophercon
2014-now - Programming professionally in: Ruby
2009-2014 - Ran my own software company building a Ruby on Rails multitenant, SaaS application. Exit: sold to business partner.
2002-2009 - Programmed professionally in: Java, C, C#, PHP, Ruby.
2004 - Graduated from Boston University with a MCSC degree.
2000 - Graduated from Northeastern University with a BSBA degree.